Prophetic Conference 2017

[claim align=”center”]The Event[/claim]

As many of you know, annually, Snowball Church separates an entire week in December to praise Jesus Christ and seek God’s directions for the coming year.

The Prophetic Conference, a great gathering of Christians from all corners of our country and several other nations, will begin on December 4th and end on the 10th.

In 2017, it will count with the participation of international and local lecturers, such as Ap Rinaldo Seixas, Santa Geração (Pr. Antônio Cirilo), Dan Duke, Ap. Kevin Leal, Ap. Francisco Nicolau, Fernandinho, Mel Tari, Ap. Rony Chaves and Ap Wissam Halawi.

All services will take place at Rua Clélia, 1517 – Lapa – São Paulo.

[claim align=”center”]Registrations[/claim]

In this year’s edition, all activities will be held at the Snowball Church Headquarters (Lapa / SP). And now you have two ways to watch: in person at the Church or through Pay-Per-View.

The registration cost for the attendance at the Church is R$ 99.00. And you can do it by clicking on the button below. Vacancies are limited!

The investment to watch the event via Pay-per-view is R$ 20.00. It is important to select the preferred language of transmission in the moment of the purchase, as described in each button of registration.

Attention: registering to watch the events at the Church does grant access to online broadcasting.

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Horário: 20h

Horários: 15h às 17h/ 20h às 23h

Horários: 9h/14h/19h

Horários: 9h/14h/19h

[claim align=”center”]Lecturers[/claim]

[claim align=”Left”]Apostle Rina[/claim]

Married to Pra. Denise Seixas, father of Nathan, Rininha, Raquel and Renan. Rinaldo Luiz de Seixas Pereira, Ap. Rina, is the founder of the Snowball Church, present in more than 300 cities and 29 countries.

Director of the Global Institute of Theological Teaching and Leadership Training, Apostle Rina is also the author of the books “United by Marriage” (Mundo Cristão), Code of Honor “( Mundo Cristão),”Just Believe” (Bola Books), “Bigger than the Storm” ( Mundo Cristão),”My better day” (Mundo Cristão) and “Change Yourself” ( Mundo Cristão).

[claim align=”right”]Apostle Kevin Leal[/claim]

Kevin began his mission when he was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in 1971 in Madrid while he was serving in the US Air Force.Kevin and Karen, his wife, are touching thousands of lives in places like South Africa, Spain, London, Russia, many countries in Central and South America, as well as in Canada and throughout the United States.

[claim align=”left”]Missionary Dan Duke[/claim]

Founder of the ministry A Call to the Nations, Dan Duke has been to more than 50 countries in 40 years of ministry. Leads public and private meetings where there is freedom in worship, Bible teaching and personal ministrations through the application of all spiritual gifts.

[claim align=”right”]Apostle Francisco Nicolau[/claim]

Apostle of the Baptist of the Nations (IBN) in Valinhos / SP. Leader of the Ministry The Trumpet Sound, established in 1992, and of the apostolic network Brazilian Network of Christian Ministries.

Francisco holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, a post-graduate degree in Urban Theology, a Master’s degree in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. He is the author of the books Conquesting Cities for Christ (one of the first in Portuguese on Conquest of Cities), Plenty, Hunger and Miracles in Israel: The Clock of God.

He was the first director of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem (ICEJ) in Brazil.

[claim align=”left”]Mel Tari[/claim]

A world-renowned evangelist and missionary in Timor, Indonesia, Mel Tari is a witness to some of the greatest miracles that occurred in the 20th century. Mel has been used by God and witnessed dead resurrected, water being turned into wine, as well as the healing of all types of diseases such as cancer and leprosy.

Author of the book “Like an impetuous wind”.

[claim align=”right”]Apostle Rony Chaves[/claim]

President and founder of the World Missionary Ministry, Pastor General and Apostle of the World Worship Center.

[claim align=”left”]Apostle Wissam Halawi[/claim]

Lebanese, from the southern region of the country, was raised and educated to be a Muslim. After 19 years of serving Islam, he had an amazing encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, which changed the course of his life forever. Today he is a world preacher, revivalist, author of several books and president of the Apostolic Church Casa Firme.

[claim align=”right”]Apóstolo Jesher Cardoso[/claim]

Ap. Jesher e sua esposa Maricleyde, são os líderes da Missão Evangélica Shekinah. Juntos, vem disseminando no Brasil e no Exterior, a palavra de Batalha Espiritual, Libertação e Cura Interior, Santidade e Unidade da Igreja de Cristo, desde 1991.

[claim align=”center”]Worship[/claim]

Pra. Denise Seixas

Santa Geração


Luma Elpídio

Nívea Soares

Jake Hamilton

[claim align=”center”]Local[/claim]

Bola de Neve - Sede

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Usina07, in partnership with the Snowball Church, offers exclusive rates and benefits for the guests attending our events.

Hotel accommodations are within easy reach of Snowball Church Headquarters, with quality service and best value in the region of Barra Funda.

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