Pay-per-view – en

In the 2017 edition, the Prophetic Conference will have a platform that will guarantee the transmission of 100% of its content with the same quality throughout Brazil and the world.

At the cost of R$ 20,00 (~USD 6) you will have access to all the contente. Registration must be done through the link below.

In additionto live streaming access, people opting for pay-per-view registration will have access to other benefits such as:

– Chat interaction;

– Watch the content even after the end of the transmission;

– Return and pause the transmission;

– Choose the language of preference for simultaneous translation (Portuguese, English or Spanish). This choice must be made at the time of purchase.

This time, there’s no way you can not participate.

O acesso a esse conteúdo é limitado a essa plataforma, disponível no período de 07/12/17 a 10/01/18 . É proibida a gravação e reprodução total ou parcial, ainda que em ambiente privado. Os infratores ficarão sujeitos às penas da lei.